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Your Home at the Harbor

A few things we can do to support Israel

  1. Call family and friends in Israel as often as possible. Also, check in with friends and family locally who are impacted. So many are experiencing loss, pain and trauma. Reaching out uplifts each other’s spirits even more than we realize.
  2. Support financially the many needs of our brothers and sisters in Israel at this time. There are hundreds of thousands of Israeli evacuees from the Gaza border towns and the South. The immediate medical and security needs are great, and there will be much need for rebuilding for a long time ahead. Click here for a few ideas.
  3. Reach out to political representatives to thank those that have shown support, and to encourage those who have not been as strong in their support. Advocate for Israel and her right and responsibility to defend herself and her citizens from terror. Sadly, this is not a given in our world. Just take a look at the many who are protesting against Israel, and the rampant anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric all over social media, on college campuses, and on the streets of major cities.
  4. Pray! The biblical commandment to pray is at a time of great need. Now is most definitely that time!
  5. Show up in community. We are all feeling alone and many are feeling vulnerable. Being together is the antidote, and will help you and your friends at the same time. The shul community is a real bracha!
  6. Do an extra good deed. Be kind to someone. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Play a game with your children. Bring a smile to a friend or neighbor. One of the most effective ways to fight darkness and evil is through increasing light and goodness in the world.


Good News!!!

The Eruv is up,
​​​​​​​but watch for notices week by week. Construction continues and could interrupt the eruv in future weeks

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Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784