Contemporary Issues Through a Torah Lens: 2017-2018

Date: Monday nights

Location: B'nai Israel Congregation - 27 Lloyd Street Baltimore, MD


B’nai Israel is launching a unique year long series through the congregation’s popular Torah Café Series.  Featuring outstanding national and local educators, this year’s topic is Contemporary Issues Through a Torah Lens.

We are also excited to announce that this year’s Torah Cafe will feature a special partnership once a month with YCT Rabbinical School to offer a ground-breaking curriculum, Torat Chovevei, starting in 10 July 2017.  (The other weeks will feature top local educators) Using  nationally-recognized Torah teachers from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (YCT) in New York City, the program will explore contemporary issues through the lens of Torah, including global warming, tradition and change, and immigration, as well as opening up fresh understandings of traditional Jewish topics such as Teshuva and the Mitzvot.

This is a deep, deep dive into how the Torah speaks to us today, and the only program of its kind in Baltimore.  It’s an incredible learning opportunity, and we at B’nai Israel are privileged to be launching the program in Baltimore.  We hope for it be the beginning of a regular Beit Midrash at B’nai Israel that will benefit the Jewish community of Baltimore for years to come.  Everyone is invited to take part.

The first sessions are:

July 10: Rabbi Yonah Berman, The Most Important Line in the Torah 

August 7: Rabbi Haggai Resnikoff, Revolution and Restraint: Is Gradualism a Jewish Value?




Thu, July 20 2017 26 Tammuz 5777