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B'nai Israel: The Downtown Synagogue


Upcoming Events & Registration


Second Night Seder at B'nai

We will be hosting our annual second night seder for Passover on Saturday, April 4th, 8:00pm. Tickets are $55 per adult, $30 per children 12 and under, and free for children 3 and under. If you would like to make a reservation, please email us or leave a voicemail. Payment can be made by mailing a check to the B'nai office with "Passover Seder" in the memo or making a donation on our website with "Passover Seder" in the notes. This will be a seated and served dinner.

Serving: Gefilte Fish, Dill Pickles, Matzoh Ball Soup, Roasted Stuffed Breast of Chicken (or Chicken Nuggets for Children), Potato Kugel, Glazed Carrots, Assorted Cakes and Cookies and Tea. 


Sell Your Chametz Before Passover! 

If you would like Rabbi Mintz to handle the halachic sale of your home's chametz, please fill out the form below and submit it by March 30th.


Before Pesach, it is a requirement to eliminate all chametz (bread products or derivatives of bread products) from our possession. Jewish law does allow for chametz, especially and preferably, only in non-bread-like form (e.g. liquors, mixtures, etc.) to be sold to a gentile in those circumstances when elimination is not an option. Arrangements for such sale may be made through Rabbi Mintz through use of this form. 

It is customary to offer a contribution to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Account for facilitating the sale.

"Be it proclaimed that I hereby empower and authorize Rabbi Etan Mintz to sell all chametz that may be in my possession, wherever it may be – at home, a place of business or elsewhere. This includes all goods which may be delivered to me over Passover. The Rabbi has full right to sell, dispose, and conduct all transactions, including rental of the place where the chametz is stored and rental of right of way as he deems fit and proper, for such time which he believes necessary in accordance with detailed terms and details forms explained in the contracts in their possession. The above power hereby being given is meant to conform with all Torah and Rabbinic regulations and laws, and also in accordance with the laws of Maryland."

Pantry, cabinet, bar, etc.

Groceries, liquor, etc

If you or your chametz will be in a different time zone for Pesach, please detail in box below, so that your chametz can be sold and repurchased in the appropriate time.


Thu, 2 April 2015 13 Nisan 5775