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Kiddush at B'nai

Every Shabbat, B'nai Israel offers its congregants a kiddush reception following services. We are so pleased to create food and fellowship every week. We encourage people to sponsor a kiddush and have a wide variety of options that you will see below.  The costs of the food and plates, utensils, table clothes, etc are significant so we have created a Kiddush Fund to cover these expenses. We encourage donations to the Kiddush Fund.  If you are commemorating a yahrzeit, bar- or bat-mitzvah, wedding, anniversary, birthday, and other special occasion, we are happy to recognize it publicly on that specific Shabbat. We are blessed to have many simchas at B'nai so you may share recognition with another congregant.  

E-mail or call 410-732-5454 to sponsor aa kiddush.

Kiddush options are as follows:

Basic Kiddush  - cold salads, bagels and cream cheese, grape leaves, packaged cookies, salad, soda, instant coffee, and tea: $360+$100 for a server (unless the sponsor chooses to avoid the server fee by putting out the food and cleaning up)

Bagels, lox & cream cheese Kiddush (This is our most popular kiddush) - All Basic Kiddush items, plus large kugel, and cake or cookies: $700 (Server + $100, fruit platter + $75, vegetable platter + $75, poached salmon +$300, ice cream cake +$65)

Israeli Kiddush - Falafel, parve shawarma filling, salads, pita, dessert: $750 (Server + $100,)

Sushi  Kiddush - Sushi kiddush plus dessert: $1000 (Server + $100)

Deluxe Kiddush - Full meat kiddush with all parve sides and parve dessert: $1,500 (Server + $100)

Additional Options:

Dessert Sponsorship -$100

L'chaim Table Sponsorship - $180

*Please note:

If a server is required for the kiddush for bringing food out and cleaning up, our server costs $100.

The regular Shabbat Kiddush accommodates 50 people.  Up to 25 additional guests will incur a$250 food supplement and a $100 service supplement.  Up to 50 additional guest will incur a $500 food supplement and a $200 service supplement.

When a sponsor uses an outside full-service kosher certified caterer that includes all food, beverages, paper goods, table cloths, service, clean-up. There is an additional $1,250 facility fee for non-members, and $750 for members.  All kiddush payments must be paid up in full at least one week prior to the simcha.

To pay for a kiddush click here
Thank you!

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